Thursday, March 13, 2014

Financial Edge and Mapped Drives

Financial Edge has a few "quirks" shall we call them?
This one was a lot of fun. I had a user who exported lots of reports from FE. The user, while connected to the network, would export a report from FE and browse file explorer (as it prompts) to save.  The network drives she had mapped would all show with red x's over them (while in Computer they look fine) and one specific drive wouldn't come up at all.

Blackbaud support told me to contact my IT person - because there must be a setting there that they had set.
My response was: I am the IT person and can you tell me exactly what kind of setting I would choose to make sure that ONLY Financial Edge could not access a personal drive and that the other drives show with red x's?

At any rate, the long story short, this user had UAC set on their machine - to a mid-level I might add, and that was causing all the issues.

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