Friday, October 25, 2013

Vendor Management

Lately, I've been feeling that "vendor management" is a joke. This is mostly because in order to manage someone or something, you need to actually come in contact with them/it. Try getting someone at Verizon to talk to you! I dare you.

 Most recently, I received a promotion for Sysaid for a free cloud trial and migration. I was interested. I emailed them to get the ball rolling and right away, they sent me the info I needed. As I'm running the tool, I realize I don't have a key piece of information that was supposed to be in the email but was not. I emailed back to them right away.
That was on Wednesday the 22nd.  As of posting, I have not heard back from them. I sent them a message stating that I was really excited to use the product but that if this was what service was like when trying to "buy" something, I would hate to see what it's like after purchase. 

PS. I've loved this product since it was released to the public years ago.  I'm feeling pretty slighted.