Friday, August 23, 2013

ArcGIS (10.1 SP1) and Sonicwall Global VPN Client

New Post! Holy Smokes!
Ran into a doozie of a technical problem at work today. Thought I'd share and maybe save someone some hassle. 

We have Esri's ARCGIS server and desktop (10.1 SP1).
Our Dell Precision Laptops (only 2 models)  were experiencing the issue pretty consistently but the desktops were fine and a few of the newer laptops we had were fine as well.  
Our GIS Administrator was working with ESRI since FEBRUARY to resolve the issue. 
Here is the error: 

One or more layers failed to draw: 

Failure to access the DBMS server [[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]The connection is no longer usable because the server response for a previously executed statement was incorrectly formatted.]” 

At first I thought it was a NIC card issue - tried full-duplexing, reinstalling the driver, reinstalling GIS, installing SP2, rolling back the NIC card driver, enabling jumbo packets etc - nothing worked. Uninstalled microsoft updates just in case, disabled all firewalls and did just about everything I could think of otherwise. 

Finally, I realized that it very well may be the SonicWall Global VPN client and took a shot. Wouldn't you know that uninstalling it did the trick? 

Hope someone out there finds this useful. 


  1. Were you getting this issue while only connected to the Sonic Wall VPN? I am having the same issue, but it's occurring while I'm on our network at work and not using the Sonic Wall VPN.

  2. All the time whether sonicwall was running or not.

  3. All the time whether sonicwall was running or not.

  4. So this clearly seemed to be the same problem as I was having. Once I uninstalled sonic wall and ArcGIS everything seemed back to normal. I recently upgraded to 10.2.1 and wanted to try installing sonic wall again. The problem started happening again and persisted to happen after uninstalling sonic wall. I'm going to reinstall ArcGIS again and hope it fixes the problem. I also have a relatively new Dell Precision laptop (Precision M4600 i5 2.5 ghz, 64 bit, windows 7.)

  5. Thanks for the update Chris! Please do let me know if that resolves your issue. We've just continued without the SWGVC installed on the handful of machines that were having the issue. We had recently rolled out RDS services to our GIS users so they had a different option to get in remotely.