Friday, August 23, 2013

ArcGIS (10.1 SP1) and Sonicwall Global VPN Client

New Post! Holy Smokes!
Ran into a doozie of a technical problem at work today. Thought I'd share and maybe save someone some hassle. 

We have Esri's ARCGIS server and desktop (10.1 SP1).
Our Dell Precision Laptops (only 2 models)  were experiencing the issue pretty consistently but the desktops were fine and a few of the newer laptops we had were fine as well.  
Our GIS Administrator was working with ESRI since FEBRUARY to resolve the issue. 
Here is the error: 

One or more layers failed to draw: 

Failure to access the DBMS server [[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]The connection is no longer usable because the server response for a previously executed statement was incorrectly formatted.]” 

At first I thought it was a NIC card issue - tried full-duplexing, reinstalling the driver, reinstalling GIS, installing SP2, rolling back the NIC card driver, enabling jumbo packets etc - nothing worked. Uninstalled microsoft updates just in case, disabled all firewalls and did just about everything I could think of otherwise. 

Finally, I realized that it very well may be the SonicWall Global VPN client and took a shot. Wouldn't you know that uninstalling it did the trick? 

Hope someone out there finds this useful.